University Baseball Mon Will Get First Real Test in Game With Boston Team--Lincoln, out With Sprained Ankle, Will Be Replaced by Buell

The University baseball nine will open its season officially on Saturday. In a game with Northeastern College of Boston, at Soldiers Field. The game has been scheduled in consideration of the early mild weather and early conditioning of the team. The squad, consisting now of twenty-two men, has been favored with good baseball weather and has already reached more than sub-season form.

Six pitchers have been retained, of who E. F. Goode '22 will be the probable choice to start against Northeastern E. S. Hobbs ocC, and C. B. Crockett '21, who have shown in practice games some undeveloped ability, may be given a chance on the mound.

Austin Blair '21, one of the three remaining catchers, is expected to hold his position as regular receiver. He has a much stronger throwing arm and has more experience behind him than either J. E. Murphy '22 or C. C. Macomber '22.

Buell on Third

E. C. Lincoln '22 will be unable to practice for a week on account of a slightly sprained ankle, but C. C. Buell '23 at third is able to contribute his share to the fast playing of the infield combination. Captain R. W. Emmons 3rd ocC., A. J. Conlon '22 and George Owen '23 will be at second, shortstop and first respectively. This infield, in addition to its brilliant defensive game, is composed or reliable batsmen.


The outfield as now lined up offer a strong trio in both field work and offense. L. A. Hallock '22 and H. C. Janin '22 were mainstays last year at center and right field respectively, and D. F. Thayer '23 at left field is a good ground coverer. His batting last year on the Freshman team was very weak, and in order to hold his place during the season, he will have to improve in this department of the game.

The men now forming the University squad are as follows: pitchers, E.L. Bigelow '21, C. B. Crockett '22, E. F. Goode '22, E. S. Hobbs OcC., H. S. Russell '22, J. C. Watson '23; catchers, Austin Blair '21, C. C. Macomber '22, J. E. Murphy '22; infielders, C. C. Buell '23, A. J. Conlon '22, R. W. Emmons 2nd ocC., C.C. Lee '23, E. C. Lincoln '22, C. J. Mason '22, George Owen '23, R. B. Shaw '21, outfielders, J. S. Clark '23, F. W. Crocker '22, L. A. Hallock '22, H. C. Janin '22, D. F. Thayer '23.