Many Prominent Men Among the "All-American" Faculty-Ten Thousand Students Expected to Attend

An All-American faculty consisting of professors from the University Yale, Princeton, and other institutions in the East and West will make Columbia's summer school, beginning July 5 and lasting six weeks, a university of universities in the fullest sense of the word. American authors, playwrights, poets, and editors will also contribute their share of knowledge to Columbia's educational clearing house. Ellery Sedg-wick '94, an overseer of the University and editor of the Atlantic Monthly; William Allen White, Kansas editor who spoke at the Union in January; Augustus Thomas, playwright, Robert Frost, Amherst poet; and Paul Elmore More, Princeton author will be included.

Lay Special Stress on English

The teaching of English will receive special stress this year, and a course of twenty-four conferences picturing the range and achievement of the English language and literature in America will be given to a selected group of students.

More than 10,000 students are expected to take advantage of the thousand contemplated courses covering practically the whole scope of higher education. Courses in accounting, advertising, business law, corporation finance, business organization and administration, advertising topography, and personal administration are included in the programme. The tastes of an exceedingly wide variety of people are provided for in a curriculum which covers subjects as diverse as Assyria and architecture, cancer research and mathematics, philosophy and textiles, fine arts and child study, music and cookery, and mammalian physiology and religion.