Purpose of Convention is to Effect an Intercollegiate Organization "To Cultivate Student Opinion"

A new effort in student activities is represented in the intercollegiate Convention of liberal college, students beginning this afternoon at the Union at 1 o'clock and lasting until 4.30 o'clock tomorrow. The convention is an expression of the aspiration of great numbers of college students to participate more actively than at present in the affairs of their generation. The purpose of the convention is to bring together men and women from various colleges with a view to founding an intercollegiate liberal organization whose scope shall be national, and whose aim shall be cultivate an informed and open-minded attitude on the part of students towards social, industrial, and political questions.

This is the first spontaneous student movement of the kind in the United States. Its importance is illustrated by the fact that at least twenty-three colleges will be represented. These include practically all of the large Universities of the east, as well as theological institutions and the smaller colleges.

Ambitious Program

The Convention has an ambitious program ahead of it. The work of organization alone or the program of speeches and discussions would make a full two days. The routine work of organization however, will be left to committees appointed during the covention. The permanence of the benefit will depend upon the success of these committees in


Dean L. B. R. Briggs '75

Walter Lippman '10, of the "New Republic"

Walter G. Fuller of "The Free-man"

President Eliot

Donald Winston of "Young Democracy"

Francis Neilson, Editor "The Freeman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Author of "Women in Economics"

Andrew Furuseth, President of the International Seaman's Union of America

Edwin F. Ladd, U. S. Senator from North Dakota

Lucien Price, Author of "Immortal Youth"