E. D. Weatherhead '22 Takes Title in 160 and 175-pound Classes--500 Crows Hemenway to Watch, Bouts -- Lockwood Heavyweight Champion

Five hundred boxing enthusiasts watched sixteen hard fights at Hemenway Gymnasium in the University boxing tournament last night. Every fight was close; at times the crowd were at odds as to who won and did not always agree with the judges. The fighting began at 8-13, and with the exception of a few time-outs for new apparel and cuts, continued until 10-50.

the 145-pound class opened up with F.R. McLeod 21, winning from J. M. Begg '24 and Ross Daggett '23 drawing first blood in defeating Charles Wansker '23 in a stirring come-back. The 175-pound class started when E. D. Weather-head '22 defeated E. W. Love '22. The second bout of this class the closest fight of the evening was won by S.J. Rosenblum Unc. over W. McK. Rodewald 1L. Weatherhead opened up the 160-pound.


115-Pound -- F. X. Collins'21.

125-Pound -- H. F. Freedman'23.

135-Pound--J. O. Stubbs '21.

145-Pound--R. LeB. Daggett '23.

160-Pound--E. D. Weatherhead '22.

175-Pound--E. D. Weatherhead '22.

Heavyweight--Benoni Lockwood Jr. '22. class by defeating E. J. Rosenberg '22, Rodewald won the second bout of this class by a close decision over Theodore Strong Jr. '22, the fight being called at 2.1-4 rounds because of a bad cut over the latter's eye. In the second round of the 145-pound bouts, Daggett defeated Leon Rittenberg '21, who drew a bye through a default by A. Brudno '21. J. O. Stubbs '21 drew a default from Lewis in the 135-pound class and I. Shapiro '28 defeated D. Burnstein '21.

The first round of the finals began with Frank Collins '22 defeating L. E. Spivak '21 by straight hard hitting in the 155-pound class. H. J. Freedman '23 retained his last year's title by defeating Harry Brenner '23, though the latter showed more aggressiveness. Weatherhead won from Rodewald in the semi-finals of the 160-pound class, scoring the first knock-down by a hard right to the chin. McLeod drew a bye into the finals of the 145-pound class and Daggett won the class title by a hard fighting comeback after being knocked down for 5 counts in the first round. The final bout of the 135-pound class was a very close decision, the men being about equal when Stubbs knocked Shapiro down in the middle of the second round and the referee stopped the bout because Shapiro had a badly cut nose. The heavyweight class was easy for Benoni Lockwood '22, who defeated E. W. Feibleman '21 without any trouble.

The last bout of the evening, the final of the 175-pound class, was the best and hardest fought of the evening. Weather-head won from Rosenblum by superior ring generalship and hard, fast puches, never wasting an ounce of strength when it was not needed.

The Summary:

115 Pound: Collins won from Spivak

125 Pound: Freedman won from Brenner.