Owen on First, Buell at Third, Thayer in Left Field From 1923 Freshman Team--Blair Behind Bat

Conlon, S.S.  c.f., Kelley Thayer, I.f.  3b., Rosonblatt Emmons, 2b.  1b., Lawler Owen, 1b.  r.f., Turnor Hallock, c.f.  s.s., Fitzmorin Janin. r.f.  I.f. Morgan Buell, 3b.  2b., Brown Blair. c.  c., Nowman Goode, p.  p., Elms or Bliss

After a month and a half of intensive practice the University baseball team will the meet the Northeastern College nine, of Boston, this afternoon at 3 P.M. at Soldiers field in the first game of the season. This contest will be the first of a series of four to whip the University. Players into shape before the Southern trip beginning April 16. The first game last year was not played until April 15, but owing to the mild weather and early conditioning of the team this spring the season is starting to weeks sooner. Admission to all the pre-vacation games, including today's will be tree both for all members of the University and the public in general.

Coach Slattery's line-up fore today includes three of last year's Freshman players. D. F. Thayer, George Owen Jr., and C. C. Buell. Buell will be in his old position on third in place of E. C. Lincoln '22, winner last year of the Barrett Wendell Jr. Trophy awarded to the strongest offensive man on the nine. Lincoln is at present temporarily laid up with a sprained ankle. Thayer, 1923's captain and center fielder last spring, has been shifted to left field. While Owen who pitched in the Yale Freshman game last spring, will take care of first base.

E. F. Goods '22 will start in the pitcher's box this afternoon, and A. B. Blair '21, an "H" man with an especially strong and certain throw to second will catch, J. E. Murphy '22 substituting. Goode substituted for W. B. Felton '20 last year and although not remarkable for this speed or curves, is steady, has excellent control, and shows good. headwork in tight places, E. S. Hobbs ocC and B. S. and Russell '22, who have been displaying excellent form in the practice contests to date, will probably relieve Goode as the game progresses.

The infield will be rounded out by Captain R. W. Emmons 3rd. ocC at second and A. J. Conlon '22 at short-stop. Emmons has been a member of University baseball teams for two years past and in starting his second season as captain. Last spring he received third place in the competition for the Barrott Wendell Jr. Trophy. Conlon, Stellar shortstop on the University nine last year, is a brilliant fielder and powerful hitter. He won the Dann J. P. Wingate Cup for the best all-around ability on the diamond last spring and almost defeated Lincoln for the Wendell Trophy.

L. A. Hallock '22 and 14. C. Janin 22, mainstays of the University team last year at center and right fields respectively, will cover the same positions this afternoon. These two men complete Coach Slattery's line-up, which, with an admittedly smooth-working in field combination, and a battery and outfield of veterans, should have small difficulty in showing its worth.

The Northeastern nine, with Arthur Duffey as coach, has not yet played a game this season, but is reputed rather weak. The outstanding players on the teams are Rosenblatt at third, an accurate fielder and fair hitter; Fitzmorris at shortstop, a sure man on grounders; and Newman. Dorchester High's all-scholastic catcher last year, behind the bat