Recreative and Athletic Work to Be Featured at Conference This Year as Well as Religious Study

The annual Student Conference at Silver Bay on Lake George, N. Y., will be held this year from June 24 to July 3. Among the widely known social service and religious leaders who will contribute their services to this Conference are Robert E. Speer, Sherwood Eddy and Henry Sloan Coffin. There are also included such men as Bernard Iddings Bell, John R. Mott, Bishop McDowell and R. P. Wilder.

These men will conduct the religious side of the Conference, which will consist of Bible and mission study classes in the morning and evening. Under their guidance such themes as the following will be discussed: "The Challenge of the Near East," "The Medical Missionary's Opportunity," "Christian Basis for World Democracy" and "The Work of the Church in American Cities."

In order not to over-emphasize the religious tone of the Conference, each afternoon is given over to recreation among the students from the various colleges. Regular events, as baseball games, mountain climbing, tennis tournaments and a track meet are scheduled. Further there will be opportunities offered to learn mass games and recreation contests which are adapted to boy's clubs and general community service. The aim of these contests is to secure the participation of every student attending the conference.

Offers Personal Contact With Leaders

The opportunity for personal interviews with inspiring leaders is the greatest which Silver Bay offers. Other features of the Conference include denominational meetings, special discussion classes for the numerous foreign students, and sections on the principles and methods of Association work.

The expenses for the ten days, including transportation, registration fee and board and lodging will be approximately $45. However, there will be opportunities offered to earn one's board. For foreign students no registration fee will be required, and by arrangement of the Committee on Friendly Relations Among Foreign Students, board and lodging will be furnished at special rates.

Men expecting to attend the Conference may secure further details and information regarding the College delegation from Phillips Brooks House.

At present the following 18 men from the University have indicated their intention of attending this Silver Bay Conference, and it is expected that the final delegation will be considerably larger A. J. Byington '24, R. Chute '22, F. C. d'Elseaux '24, Frederick Flather '23, J. R. Flather '23, R. S. Hubbard '24, W. E. Leidt '22, M. G. Roberts '23, R. B. Smith '22, J. F. Stearns '22, R. A. White Sp. and P. E. Wilson '22. Foreign Students L. J. Castellejo 1G., T. B. Charm Une E.S., M. L. Iwamoto 3G., E. C. Lasker gr.E.S., T. C. Li 1G. and E. Sacrens 1G.