What Is Going on Today

8.45.--Daily Chapel: The Reverend Charles Lewis Slattery, D.D., will conduct the services.

9.00. Seniors assemble for picnic on steps of Widener.

3.-5.--Invitation Regatta on Charles.

3.00.--Society of Harvard Dames meeting at Phillips Brooks House.

3.30.--Tennis University vs. McGill and 1924 vs. Browne and Nichols on Divinity Courts.

4.00.--Baseball: University vs. Waseda and seconds vs. Providence on Soldiers Field.

4.30.--Memorial Society picture presentation in Faculty Room of University Hall.

7.30.--Shannon Post elections in Trophy Room of Union.

7.45.--Phillips Brooks House entertainment.

8.15.--Glee Club presents "A Trial by Jury" in Concert Hall.