Contest to Be Staged on Monday at Tigers' Home Grounds

As yet undefeated the University Second team will test its championship qualities in a game with the Princeton Scrubs at Princeton on Monday. The Tigers form a strong aggregation, and have two good pitchers in Thomas and St. John. On Thursday, May 12, they overwhelmed the Yale Seconds by the score of 9-2.

The Crimson Scrubs also have a clever nine, and the game ought to prove a close one. J. M. A. Blair '23 will be on the mound for the Seconds, and the rest of the line-up will be as follows:

3 b., J. C. Ross '23; s.s., S. B. Chase '21; c.f., P. S. Dickson ocC., r.f., K. B. Lucas '22; l.f., J. S. Clark '23; 2b., C. J. Mason '22; 1b., J. C. Bancroft '23; c., R. H. Keegan '23; p., J. M. A. Blair '23.