Over 180 Alumni Included--Plans for Meeting Which is to be Held at University on May 21 Announced--Many Questions to be Considered

Over one hundred and eighty prominent alumni of the University from every part of New England have been appointed members of the Graduates' Day Committee of the New England Federation of Harvard Clubs, to plan for the meeting at the University scheduled for Saturday, May 21.

Among those who are to serve on the Committee are Mayor Andrew J. Peters, '95, of Boston, Speaker B. Loring Young. '07, of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, President William A. Neilson '96, of Smith College; Bishop James DeW. Perry, '92 of Rhode Island, U. S. Senator Henry W. Keyes, '87, of New Hampshire, Dean Roswell P. Angier '97 of Yale University, and Rev. S. S. Drury, '01, recently elected rector of Trinity Church. New York City.

Boston and Cambridge Represented

The sixty-five men from Boston and Cambridge who have been appointed include Richard H. Dana '74, William A. Gaston '80. David A. Ellis '94, Robert H. Hallowell '96, W. D. Sullivan '83, M. A. DeWolfe Howe '87, Guy Murchie '95, Malcolm Donald '99, John Richardson '08, and Robert F. Fisher '12.

The plans for Graduates' Day, to which all alumnt of the University in New England and elsewhere are invited, include a morning meeting at University Hall, luncheon at the Union. and dinner at the Harvard Club of Boston.

At the morning meeting President Lowell and others will discuss with the graduates the college problems of today. Dean H. A. Yeomans will speak about the problem of the students who transfer to the University from other colleges. Professor R. B. Merriman '96 will tell about the general final examination recently adopted, Professor H. H. Burbank '15 about the new tutorial system, and Professor J. L. Lowes about the new requirements in literature. Chairman Henry Pennypacker '88 of the Committee on Admission will discuss the relations between the University and the schools