Dancing on Monday Night From 8 to 1 -- Bert Lowe's Orchestra to Furnish Continuous Music for 20 Numbers -- No interruption for Supper

The twenty-first annual Senior Spread will be held in Memorial Hall Monday evening, June 20, from 8 until 1 o'clock, admission to which will be by ticket only. As usual, boxes and tables will be placed around the Delta, and in case of rain the chairs will be moved inside and the same numbers and letters employed there.

Dancing will begin promptly at 8 o'clock and since the party must be over by 1 o'clock, the Committee urges that all guests arrive promptly.

The Junior ushers will be furnished with separate box lists, and all other necessary information. Bert Lowe's Orchestra will furnish the music, and will play the following program of dances:

1. Fox Trot--Make Believe.

2. Fox Trot--Two Little Girls in Blue.

3. Fox Trot--Silver Lining.

4. One Step--Cindy.

5. Fox Trot--Humming.

6. Fox Trot--Love Bird.

7. Fox Trot--Bright Eyes.

8. Fox Trot--Wang Wang Blues.

9. Fox Trot--Eleanor.

10. Waltz--Love Boat.

11. Fox Trot--Do You Ever Think of Me?

12. Fox Trot--Absence.