Will Gather in Faneuil Hall January 18 to Discuss a Future Economic Conference of Nations--University to to Have Delegation

A mass meeting of the students of all the colleges of Greater Boston, called for the purpose of discussing the economic situation confronting, the world today and specifically to vote upon a resolution urging an immediate Economic Conference of the Powers, will be held in Faneuil Hall on Wednesday evening, January 18th at 7.45 o'clock. The meeting is being held under the auspices of the National Student Committee for the Limitation of Armaments and the cooperation of the following colleges and schools has been secured, each college having engaged to send a delegation: Boston University, Boston College, Tufts College, Radcliffe College, Wellesley College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Simmons College, Northeastern College, New England Conservatory of Music, the Suffolk and Portia Law Schools, and the University.

Foreign Notables to Speak

Robert Wormser '22 of the University will preside and arrangements have been completed as a result of which the following speakers will address the meeting: M. Maurice Casenave, Economic Advisor to the French Delegation at the Washington Arms Conference; Signor Guiseppe Gentile, Economic Advisor to the Italian Delegation at the Washington Arms Conference; and Dr. John Mez, Washington Correspondent to the Frankforter Zeitung.

Open discussion from the floor will be permitted and the students will vote on the following resolution:

"Resolved: That a Conference of the Powers, including Russia and Germany, which shall deal with the economic consequences of the Peace, as arranged at Cannes is the logical sequel of the Washington Arms Conference; and that such a conference is fundamental to the civilization of Europe and to the prosperity of the United States."

Gatherings similar to the Boston meeting are being planned throughout the United States, the first of which will be a mass meeting of the students of greater New York, which is being arranged for the evening following the Boston meeting.

Free tickets to the meeting may be obtained at the Cooperative and at Leavitt and Peirce's.