Session Will Open This Year July 10 and Close August 19--Details to be Announced in March

The University Summer School, as was the case last year, will hold a single six weeks' session this year, opening on Monday, July 10, and closing on Saturday, August 19, according to the announcement made by the director last night. Expecting a large registration for the courses of the school, which will number nearly 100 and will cover 29 subjects, the University authorities have arranged to reserve, as was the case last summer, all three of the Freshman Dormitories for the students.

The Summer School was reorganized last year under the joint supervision of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Education. Credit can be obtained toward degrees of Bachelor of Arts. Associate in Arts, Master of Education, and Doctor of Education.

The detailed announcement of the Summer School will be published in March, and will give information regarding courses, fees, academic credit, dormitories, and excursions. It will be mailed to any address upon application to the Director of the Summer School, University 19.