Ho-hum! yawns the Freshman out of pure joy of yawning. College is so delightfully boring after the ardors and endurances of school life. Also, he cannot think of anything else to say.

The Sophomore hearing him, though feeling the same way entirely, says "Hum-ho!" to establish his mental superiority. For "Hum-ho!" is an original statement whereas "Ho-hum!" would merely be repeating a Freshman, and a Sophomore must never do that unless he does it consistently--that is, becomes a Freshman for a second time.

A Junior is only a Junior when he has ceased to yawn. The College office generally has aided him materially toward that end. He is sometimes heard to mutter "Hum" in a doubtful sort of way as if all within were not settled. A troubled brow and an occasional glance in the direction of a book-covered desk suggest a coming storm.

Thus we have lived into the Senior year when the very incautious and some-what unfamiliar cry of "Hell, I've got to do some work" is often heard. Frank as it is, it connotes the arrival of a mentality.

The Freshman is merely bored, the Sophomore is bored but striving for originality, the Junior is distinctly not bored, but suffering from a species of nightmare--the dark before the dawn. At last the Sleeper awakens and substituting the lambskin for the pigskin goes forth to see what he may see.