Enter Stadium Next Saturday With Team That Has Outrushed Yale in Straight Line Plunges--Defensive Play Held Syracuse 0-0

One week from today Brown will invade the Stadium with "the strongest team in ten years". From sixteen available letter men Coach Robinson has picked and perfected an eleven which has twice held its opponents on the half-yard line, and which has outrushed Yale in straight line plunges. Early in the season the Brounnians gained a reputation for excellent defense work and in every game since then the standard has been maintained and even increased.

In its game with Rhode Island State, the Providence eleven gave an almost perfect exhibition of defensive play holding its opponents scoreless and piling up 27 points. Two weeks later the Brunonians faced a far more difficult test with even a stronger defense. Bracing in the pinches the Providence team several times stopped a seemingly uncheckable advance of the Syracuse machine and held their powerful opponents to a 0-0 tie. The Orange attack was one of the strongest the Brown eleven had had to face in several years. Syracuse gaining eight first downs to their one, but the Providence line always stiffened and prevented a score.

A similar exhibition of defensive work was staged in the Yale contest a week ago, forcing the Blue to resort to an overhead attack, which proved more successful. Time and again the Yale backs bucked against the Brown line with absolutely no success and except for Neidlinger's three phenomenal open field performances which noted 18 of the 20 points, they were unable to endanger the Providence goal line.

Striking Improvement in Offense

Strong as was the Brown opposition, the opening game showed some improvement in the defensive weapons. Several times the Brunonians showed a lack of scoring punch, but Coach Robinson succeeded in improving this type of play in the next week's work-outs. In the Colby game the improvement was striking. The first string combination pushed down the field for a touchdown in the first quarter and after it had proved its scoring ability Coach Robinson sent in his second string material and resorted to the kicking game to try out his performers in this department for the more important contests to follow.

Chiefly Straight Football

In the Syracuse game the energies of the Providence team were directed almost wholly to stemming the continuous attacks of their opponents but twice they were able to threaten the Syracuse goal in flashes of brilliant attack. To develop the power of his advance Coach Robinson has abandoned almost--wholly the expected policy of overhead attack and has resorted all season to straight football. The Brunonians, however, are said to have a dangerous weapon in their passing game and it is supposed that it will be utilized if the straight drives do not succeed against the Crimson next Saturday.

Brilliant Attack Against B. U.

The offensive system more nearly approached perfection in the Boston University game when the Providence eleven opened the contest with a slashing advance, taking a defensive stand only in the final period. Against Yale also the straight line drives met with success, for the Brunonians scored more first downs and gained more territory by rushes than their visitors. It was only the brilliant long runs by Neidlinger that were responsible for Yale's three touchdowns. With the two weeks in which Coach Robinson will have had to perfect his offensive play, the team will be in a position to take the aggressive and will have one of the best defenses in the east to fall back on if the attack meets with little success against the Crimson substitute line.

Last year, with a team inferior to the present machine, Brown led the University by four points five minutes before the final whistle. It was only a desperate but well-organized march of 85 yards that saved the Crimson from defeat and gave the University a 9-7 victory. Coach Robinson has nearly a whole team of veteran substitutes to call upon so he will be able to keep fresh and experienced material in the line-up against the Crimson eleven.