Will Work in Cooperation With Physical Education Department--To be Available for All Students Needing Special Exercise or Treatment

Mr. Hans Neudorf, who has just finished the season as rubber for the 1926 football squad, will be available during the indoor season to meet such men as may have need of special exercise. He has been secured by the H. A. A. in cooperation with the Department of Physical Education, and will work under the general supervision of Mr. Norman W. Fradd, Instructor in Physical Education.

Fills Long-Felt Want

Mr. Neudorf will fill a want long-felt by all the coaches, particularly those of football and track. He will give exercises for the development of any special part of the body, and will also give follow-up treatment after minor accidents. In certain cases Drs. Lee, Parmenter, and Bailey will prescribe exercise or massage under his direction. Baking treatment will also be given when needed.

Former System injurious

Formerly no provision was made for men who were in need of these special services, and as a result many students went to the "professional" man who advertised such treatment. This practice often proved more injurious than helpful. Mr. Neudorf, however, has had wide experience in his field, and will safeguard men from injurious exercises.

Attended University Summer School

After finishing the four-summer course in the Physical Education section of the University summer school. Mr. Neudorf was for a time Physical Director in the Clinton public schools. He was then called to the University, and for two years was rubber for the University and Freshman football and track squads, and coach of the gym squads.

Men desiring to take advantage of this new service should see Mr. Fradd or Mr. Neudorf in Hemenway Gymnasium. The latter's hours are from 2 to 6 every afternoon.