Higgins of Columbia Gains Intercollegiate Championship Finishing in 32 Minutes 21 and 8-10 Seconds

In the annual I. C. A. A. A. A. cross-country run, held yesterday afternoon at Van Cortlandt Park, New York City, Syracuse University came in first with a total of 75 points and Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology finished second and third with the scores of 108 and 113 respectively. The University captured ninth place with a score of 182 points. Higgins of Columbia won the Intercollegiate championship by finishing first in 32 minutes, 21 and 8-10 seconds. Hendrie of Massachusetts Institute of Technology was second in 32 minutes 32 seconds with Smith of Syracuse third in 32 minutes 43 seconds. R. A. Lutz '23 was the first University entry to cross the line, winning eighth place with the time of 33 minutes 18 seconds.

This is the second time that Syracuse has won the meet, having captured first place once before in 1919. During the fourteen years that this meet has been held under the auspices of the I. C. A. A. A. A. Cornell has won't eight times, Harvard once, Maine once, and Pennsylvania once besides the two victories for Syracuse.

The race was held over the three mile course which was run over twice for the required six miles. The course is almost level and contains four hurdles and one brush and log barrier, all of which must be jumped, vaulted or climbed twice in the race.