CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, November 28, 1922.-The Union Society held a debate on Tuesday, November 21, on the subject of women's emancipation. The women are not allowed to attend Union debates but they are allowed to watch the proceedings from the Gallery which was on this occasion crowded out. They received cold comfort however, for by a majority of 103 it was decided, after a heated discussion, that a modification of the present course of female emancipation was desirable.

In the new English Parliament 75 of the members are former Cambridge men as against 72 in the last Parliament, Six former Presidents of the Union Society, one Rugby "Blue", three cricket "Blues", two Association "Blues" are included in this total?

The sports contests with Oxford are drawing near. Prophecy is always fatal and in nearly every case the teams which are favorities in the press are defeated. The first to take place is the relay race which is being run off on Friday, December 1. The Rugby football match is being played on December 12 and the Association football match on the following day.

Novel Methods of Attracting Notice

An attempt has been made this week to raise money for the Relief of European War Distress. A novel method of attracting attention was adopted. Meetings, canvassings, processions and flag-sellers were discarded and a "Silent Appeal" inaugurated. College Railings and Church Railings were borrowed and a succession of posters were displayed on them. These were periodically changed in order to keep up attention. The results have so far been most satisfactory.

A lecture was given on Friday by Mr.Mallory, one of the party who atempted to reach the top of Mt.Everest, on this, the second expedition. The chief difficulty is due to the scarcity of air which prevents proper breathing. Nevertheless the lecturer placed no reliance on the use of oxygen. The difficulties involved in carrying a sufficient quantity more than balances its possible utility. It is also disliked for sentimental reasons. The climbers would like to think that they have climbed the mountain by their own efforts and not through the help of any new-fangled scientific contraption.