Fourteen Men Chosen for Membership Yesterday as Result of the Fall Competitions

As a result of the fall competition of the Dramatic Club, 14 men were elected to membership at a meeting of the club yesterday afternoon.

Those elected to the acting end were Whitney Cromwell '26 of Mendham, N. J. E. J. Bliss Jr. '26 of Brookline, W. C. Treat '23 of Stockbridge, P. W. Goodell '23 of Loda, Ill., and W. S. Wilson '26 of Lynchburg, Virginia.

For the electrical department the following were chosen: J. L. Dunham '25 of Scarsdale, N. Y., C. E. Hall '25 of New York City, Ross Wilkins '26 of Detroit, Mich., and E. B. Schriftgiesser '23 of Boston.

O. L. Loring '26 of Newtonville and E. B. Branns '25 of Iron Mountain, Mich., were elected to the stage department, and A. H. Starke '25 of Centralia, Ill., was chosen for the properties.

S. O. Dows '26 of Rhinebeck, N. Y., was elected from the art competition, and F. W. Ramseyer '26 of Jamaica Plain from the music.