Rae Samuels in a repertoire of new songs and original monologue is the outstanding feature of the widely varied bill at Keith's this week. Miss Samuels' rare humor coupled with her irrepressible pep more than holds up her position as headliner. It is this star's first appearence in Boston vaudeville after an absence of several years. She was exceptionally well received and gave several encores.

"From Soup to Nuts", a musical sketch featuring Herbert Williams and Hilda Wolfus, requires four scenes. There is such an amount of novelty and action in the act that the audience is at times bewildered. Mr. Williams had an admirable outlet for his exceptional musical ability, while Miss Wolfus presented quite a fashion show in her strolls about the stage.

The Arnaut Brothers, "The Mimitable", as musical tumbling clowns were very clever and amusing. Their whistling interpretation of "two loving birds" was very well received. Felton and Fields, in black face, present a clever act of dance and patter. The Six Hassens, a troupe of Arabian acrobats, gave a very interesting exhibition of pyramid building and whirlwind tumbling. Leon and Company fell below the average of Keith vaudeville and produced nothing at all mystifying. Hyams and McIntyre in "Honeysuckle", Murray and Gerrish in song and dance, and Mankin, a remarkable contortionist, completed the bill.