Captain Conlon, Coach Slattery and Dr. Nichols to Outline Plans for the Season--Second Assistant Manager Candidates to Meet at H. A. A. at 1.05

With the plans for the University baseball season completed, the active program will start tonight when candidates for all positions will meet at the Varsity Club at 7 o'clock to hear an outline of the season and a general discussion of the work to be done, by Captain A. J. Conlon '22, Coach J. J. Slattery, and Dr. E. H. Nichols '86 of the baseball advisory committee. Actual practice will start for the battery men tomorrow and will consist of a general workout in the cage, while the fielders will not be summoned for two weeks when they report daily with the other candidates and will go through some intensive throwing, fielding, and battery practice.

The second assistant managership competition will begin this afternoon with a meeting of all candidates at the H. A. A. at 1.05. Complete plans of the required work will be outlined by the management, who have emphasized the fact that absolutely no previous experience is necessary. About two weeks before the April recess the winning candidate will be chosen and he will make the spring trip with the team.

This year the training will be strenuous as the team has an exceedingly long and hard schedule to face. Thirty-one games have been listed which means that the nine will have to play an average of three games a week