Initial Work-Out in Cage This Afternoon--Forty-Seven Turn Out for Meeting--Captain A. J. Conlon and Coach Slattery Speak

At a meeting of baseball candidates held last night at the Varsity Club, Captain A. G. Conlon '22 and Coach John Slattery spoke to the 47 men who reported. The two main speeches were preceded by a short talk by Manager Haven Parker '22, who spoke a few words on the season's schedule and introduced Captain Conlon.

The latter stated that there was every reason to expect a successful baseball year as there was excellent material on hand and because the team would have the advantage of an exceptionally favorable schedule with all the important games coming at the end. This fortunate arrangement will enable Coach Slattery to whip his material into a well organized machine before the team will have to face its most serious opposition. He added that the spring trip would be longer this year than last as the squad would not spend any time in New York.

Coach Slattery in discussing the prospects of the season said that a successful year would only be brought about by vigorous practice and intensive early season training. He urged all men to start training immediately. In order to harden the fielding candidates before they report two weeks from today, he will send the men through intensive physical training exercises at the Hemenway Gymnasium starting Wednesday. The 13 battery candidates who were in attendance last night and any new men will report at the cage this afternoon at 2.30 to hold the initial work-out.