Team A Shows Great Improvement Over Last Year--Loses Championship in Last Match--Seconds Win 14 and Lose 16 Matches

Saturday's matches ended the third season in which squash has been recognized as an organized sport at the University. In its matches in the Massachusetts Squash Racquets Association, team A finished first in a tie with the strong Union Boat Club team although the later won the championship in the playoff; while the seconds finished fourth in class B out of seven clubs.

Last year the first team, which included among others, Malcolm, Bradlee '22, D. McK. Key '22, and Myles P. Baker '22, finished fifth in the association out of six clubs, facing practically the same opposition as in this year's schedule. Their improvement this year is due to the excellent coaching of Henry Cowles of the Harvard Club, and the cooperation of Mr. W. H. Geer, director of Physical Education at the University.

The 1921-22 season opened on October 10, with a meeting of candidates, and a week later 16 men were chosen to compose the squad. On November 18 Coach Cowles selected two five-man teams, subject to challenge, to represent the University, who began practice immediately for the coming league season.

Team A Defeats B. A. A.

Both teams opened their season on December 3. Team A showed its strength by defeating the Boston Athletic Association by the score of 4 to 1, while Team B, handicapped by inexperience, lost all its matches to the Harvard Club. The two teams lined up as follows for their first matches:--A, Malcolm Bradlee '22, D. McK. Key '22, Myles P. Baker '22, R. E. Smith '22, C. J. Mason Jr. '22; B. E. M. Hinkle '23, Carroll Harrington '24, C. C. Colt '24, J. T. Bradlee '22, and Alexander Mackay-Smith '24.

In its second league contest, Team A had little difficulty in winning all its matches from Newton Centre, this victory giving the Crimson first place with the Union Boat Club close behind. Team B lost again, but this time to the strong Union Boat Club team. The seconds showed considerable improvement, and Carroll Harrington '24 beat his man, thus inflicting one of the two defeats which the Boat Club suffered in the whole season.

On Wednesday, December 14, the University players won from the St. Paul's School team by the score of 3 to 2. The schoolboys had previously defeated the Union Boat Club, the University's most dangerous opponent, and their captain, F. F. Lymington, showed his strength by defeating Malcolm Bradlee '22. Myles P. Baker '22, R. E. Smith '22 and E. M. Hinkle '23 won the University's met the Victoria Club of Montreal in two three points, demonstrating that the lower half team was able to back up the strongest players to form an all-round quintet.

On December 17, both teams played their last matches before the Christmas recess. Team A again showed its ability by defeating the Harvard Club 4 to 1, while Team B, showing power and fight, broke into the winning column for the first time by whitewashing the Newton Centre team. In Class A, the Union Boat Club, by winning all its matches, succeeded in tying the University in the race for the Association Championship.

The first team played its next game on January 7 and established a commanding lead by winning all its matches from the Tennis and Racquet Club, while the Boat Club unexpectedly lost to the Boston Athletic Association. Team B lost to the Neighborhood Club of Quincy, 3-2.

The University Team A faced its final league game of the season January 14, with confidence, needing to win only two games out of five to carry off the championship. But the Boat Club was fighting its hardest and, although D. Mck. Key '22 came within a point of winning, E. M. Hinkle '23 won the University's only point. The two teams were now tied for the championship.

Team B Defeated by Milton Club

On January 21, Team A was given a rest, while Team B succumbed to the Milton Club team by the score of 4-1, J. T. Bradlee '22 being the University's only winner.

Both teams closed their season on Saturday, January 28. As a result of the illness of Myles P. Baker '22, Team A went into the contest lined up as follows: Malcolm Bradlee '22, D. McK. Key '22, R. E. Smith '22, E. M. Hinkle '23, and Carroll Harrington '24. Bradlee faced C. C. Peabody for the third time this season, and again the latter demonstrated his superiority, winning in four games. Key succeeded in defeating Mark Wendell, to whom he barely lost two weeks before, but the other matches were lost, the Boat Club winning without question the Massachusetts Squash Racquets Association Championship.

The seconds, showing a final burst of power, won a 5 to 0 victory over the Boston Athletic Association team, and thus finished fourth out of seven clubs, with a record of 14 victories and 16 defeats