Finals Held Yesterday in 115-Pound 125-Pound and Unlimited Classes --Finals Bouts in 135 and 175-Pound Classes Today

The bouts in the first round of the consolation wrestling meet, which is being run off this week, took place yesterday afternoon in the Hemenway Gymnasium. Due to the fact that only two men each entered in the 115-pound, 125-pound and unlimited classes, the bouts in these classes were all finals.

The results of yesterday matches were as follows:

115-Pound Class (Finals).--R. P. Berle 2L defeated A. W. Lewin '24 by a fall in two minutes and 35 seconds.


125-Pound Class (Finals).--W. C. Westhaver '25 defeated P. R. Crowley '25 by a fall in two minutes and eight seconds.

135-Pound Class (Semi-Finals).--T. S. Whitman '23 defeated C. L. Day '23 in an overtime decision of four minutes; M. Michelson '24 defeated A. L. Gardner 3L by an overtime decision of one minute and 46 seconds.


145-Pound Class (Preliminaries).--R. G. Lowe '24 defeated J. H. Courtney '24 by a fail in two minutes and two seconds.

175-Pound Class (Semi-Finals).--T. W. Hoag '25 defeated G. P. Morey '24 by a fall in five minutes, 56 seconds.

Unlimited.--C. A. C. Eastman '24 defeated G. A. Saxton '22 by a fall in six minutes, 35 seconds.

The bouts in the 158-pound class were held over until today. The bouts scheduled for today are: T. S. Whitman '23 vs. M. Michelson '24, in the finals of the 135-pound class; E. F. Porter 2E.S. vs. R. J. Lowe '24 in the semi-finals of the 145-pound class; O. H. Emerson '22 vs; H. H. Fuller '23, in the semi-finals of the 158-pound class; and C. L. Abernethy '22 vs. T. W. Hoag '25 in the finals of the 175-pound class.