Practice in Baseball and Crew Already Under Way--Track, Tennis, Boxing, Lacrosse, Fencing, Handball and Gym Work Listed

The Freshman Physical Training Department announced yesterday that there will be nine forms of athletic activity open to Freshmen this spring. These are baseball, track, crew, tennis, handball, lacrosse, boxing, fencing, and gymnasium work.

Freshman baseball, active work in which has already begun, is in charge of Coach Young. A squad of approximately 30 men will be retained for the major part of the season, although there will be cuts at various times. This year, contrary to the usual custom, there will be no inter-dormitory baseball for those who are not retained on the first squad. The men who would have played dormitory baseball must go out for some other form of athletics.

Spring track practice will begin on Monday. The 1925 season will continue until May 20. Coaches Bingham and Farrell will be in charge of the team.

Crew work has been going on, under the direction of Coaches Howe and Bert Haines, for nearly a month. The Freshman season will last until June 23, on which date the crew will race Yale at New Haven. Attention is called to the fact that those who wish to row, but cannot spare the time necessary for practice with a regular crew, may sign up at Weld Boat House for single shells. Those who do this must row at least three times a week.

Tennis will begin as soon as the courts on Soldiers Field are ready. It is expected that, if the weather is good, they will be in condition by some time next week. It is suggested that, until that time, those who intend to take tennis as their regular exercise play squash at the courts on Linden street.

Lacrosse, handball, boxing, and fencing will continue until late in the spring and may be used as prescribed Freshman exercise. The regular five o'clock gym class at the Freshman gymnasium will be carried on as usual, until the end of the year.

There will be inter-dormitory competitions this year in track, crew, and handball.