Consolation Meet Closes

The consolation wrestling tournament came to a close yesterday afternoon when George Karelitz '24 sprung a surprise by defeating R. J. Lowe '24 in the 145-pound with a one minute, 34 second time advantage.

The winners and runner-up men in each class were given gold and silver medals class respectively.

The summary follows:

Winners--115-1b., R. P. Berle 2L.; 125-1b., W. G. Westhaver '25; 135-1b., T. S. Whitman '23; 145-1b., George Karelitz '24; 158-1b., G. M. Kendall '24; 176-1b., T. W. Hoag '25; unlimited, C.A.C. Eastman '24.

Runner-Up.--115-1b., P. R. Crowley '25; 135-1b., Morris Mechelson '24; 125-1b R. J. Lowe '24; 158-1b., H. H. Fuller '23; 175-1b., C. L. Abernethy '22; unlimited. G. A. Saxton '22.