Thirty-Five Candidates Report to Coach R. T. Fisher '12--Players Go Through Conditioning Work--Expect More Out Today and Tomorrow

Spring football practice began yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field, when a squad of approximately 35 men reported to Coach R. T. Fisher '12. This is expected that more will come out today and tomorrow.

Coach Fisher and Coaches Parmenter and Sedgwick took charge of the men, and directed their work. The lineman reported to Sedgwick and the backfield candidates to Coach Fisher and Captain C. C. Buell '23, who assisted the coaches part of the time.

The linesmen, under the direction of Coach Sedgwick, practiced starts, dodging, and handling the ball. The backfield men passed and kicked. Captain Buell instructed them in drop-kicking and passing, while Coach Fisher directed the punters. The work was not strenuous, but was almost entirely a matter of conditioning. This general program will be continued for several days, before any hard work is attempted. When the squad has finally been rounded into good condition, the work will become harder, with emphasis on dummy tackling and interference. Finally, as a climax to the spring season, there will be a number of scrimmages. On the whole, Coach Fisher does not intend to make practice too strenuous, as his whole program in having practice is to put the men into condition, and to give them some extra drill in the fundamentals.