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The Governing Boards of the University have granted 150 degrees in the annual midyear award. Of these, 28 are posthumous degrees, granted to men who never completed their college requirements but lost their lives in the war. By awarding degrees to these men, the University has brought it about that every man on the University roll of honor also has a place on the roster of graduates.

The men who were granted the posthumous degree of A. B. "for honorable service in the war'" were as follows:

E. B. Cole '02, A. M. Sumner '04, R. R. Borden '06, R. H. Hogg '06, A. H. Ramsay '07, D. P. Starr '08, C. P. McMichael '09, N. S. Simpkins, Jr.'09, H. A. Colt '10, Harold Marion-Crawford '11, C. A. Dudley '11, E. C. Sortwell '11, John Whitall '11, R. M. Dwyer '12, Charles Fry '13, A. L. Bliss '14, M. C. King '14, A. J. Brickley '16, O. D. Overton '16, W. B. Hinman '17, and H. W. Windeler '19.

These men were granted the posthumous war degree of S. B.: Braxton Bigelow '09, H. C. Kimball '12, H. G. Byng '13, R. L. Forbush '13, J. C. Cleave '14, P. C. Starr '14, and H. F. Dickson '22.

A feature of the award was the granting of the degree of Master of Science in Zoology to Dr. R. Heber Howe Jr. '07, who has recently been appointed supervisor of Harvard rowing. Two men won the degree of A. B. "magna cum laude." They are Edwin F. Carpenter '22, and Edward R. Gay '19.

Aside from the 28 posthumous war degrees, 49 men won the A. B. degree and 10 the S. B. degree. Twenty-seven Masters of Arts were created, 11 Doctors of Medicine, six Doctors of Philosophy, seven Masters of Education, four Doctors of Dental Medicine, two Doctors of Science, two Masters in Architecture, two Masters of Business Administration, one Master of Science and one Bachelor of Laws.

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