The Dental School Society occupies an unique position as it is the only student organization in the Dental School, and as such is called upon by the students and faculty to act in a multitude of causes.

Shortly before school closed in May, 1921, we distributed questionnaires to the students, through the Dean's office, and collected data to publish the first survey of student expenses. These figures show that the average expenses of a dental student are quite high. The survey revealed average totals of $1069, $1415, $1313 and $1125 respectively for the four years.

In the early part of September letters were sent to all the new students of the school offering the aid of the Society in getting established. An information bureau was opened a week before school started with a registry of over 200 local rooms and boarding places. Many of the upper class-men, in addition to all of the new men, were helped, and maps and Harvard Handbooks were distributed.

During the academic year the activities have been many and varied in character. Due to the general financial conditions 20 men applied for work, and the Society was able to help six to obtain employment.

As in previous years the Society cooperated with the Administrative Board in the annual student reception, which was held with great success on September 30th. At this time the Secretary explained the objects and aims of the Society.

A religious discussion group was formed, under the able leadership of Dr. A. W. Hicks, and it was decided to use "A Comparative Study of Religions" by Vaughan as a basis of study. Good interest has been maintained in the group, ten meetings having been held already, with an average attendance of 20.

The students' room has been furnished with the CRIMSON and Lampoon, thanks to the courtesy of the editors of these papers, as well as with five current magazines, which have been placed in attractive library binders. The room is used largely by the men during noon-time, and these additions have met with universal approval.

On December 6, 1921, Dr. J. G. Vaughan of the Methodist Board of Foreign Missions talked to a joint meeting of the Medical and Dental School Societies about conditions in China. On February 16, 1922, Dr. Blaine W. Morgan addressed an audience of 125 at the Dental School on the subject of Dental Economics.

Letters were mailed during March to the members of the faculty asking for support of the Society in securing technical magazines and books. We hope that this may be a start of a loan library in the Dental School similar to the Text Book Loan Library at the Phillips Brooks House.

As a result of a financial canvass $95 was secured from students in the Dental School for the work of the Society.

The committee has been greatly aided by the kindness of Dean Smith in furnishing an office with typewriter and 'phone service and full cooperation in all our undertakings.

The Dental School Society is represented in the annual catalogue of the Dental School and also in the "Mirror", the year book of the Senior class. WILLIAM J. REAM 3D.N. Secretary.