The activities of the Graduate Schools Society during the past year have consisted of seven open meetings of general interest, of four meetings of Professor Lake's religious discussion group, of four social meetings, and of certain miscellaneous activities.

The annual, reception to new students, at which Dean Haskins and Professor Francis Peabody spoke, was held at the beginning of the year. During the year, the following speakers have addressed the Society:

Dr. Samuel M. Crothers, on the "Life and Tradition of Phillips Brooks".

Professor Francis B. Sayre, on "Limitation of Armaments".

Professor William McDougali, on "Population and Progress".

Whiting Williams, on "Experiences in the mines of France and the Saar Valley."

Professor Albert P. Fitch, on "The Scholar in Religion".

Professor T. R. Glover, of St. John's College, Cambridge, on "The Transformation of India".

Professor Kirsopp Lake very kindly consented to take a religious discussion group for the fall term. Four meetings of this group were held, at which various aspects of "Fundamental Problems of Religion" were discussed.

Under the efficient management of the Social Committee, of which C. L. Finney 3G, was the chairman, four well-attended dances were given in collaboration with the Radcliffe Graduate Schools Society.

In return to a letter sent at the beginning of the year to every man registered in the Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences, Architecture, Business Administration, Divinity, Education, Engineering, and Landscape Architecture, 154 men enrolled as members of the Society and have paid $306.50 towards its support.

In May, 1921, a survey of the costs of living for married students in Cambridge was made. The results of this survey were compiled and sent during the summer to those married students who were known to be coming to the University for the first time.

Various other activities of minor importance have been carried on, such as aiding in the information bureau at the beginning of the year.

The Executive Committee has consisted of the following men: C. D. Lowry 2G., Chairman, succeeded by C. L. Finney 3G., Delmar Leighton 2G.B., Secretary; C. D. Kepner, And,; G. W. Allport 3G., H. R. Hall 2G.B., A. F. Scott 3G., C. W. Eliot 2S.L.A., T. K. Ho 1G. Delmar Leighton 2G.B., Secretary