The activities of St. Paul's Catholic Club for 1921-22 began with an open meeting, October 4, at which Professor Robert H. Lord gave an inspiring address of the duties of Catholic students in Harvard University. A sincere welcome was extended to all new members by our chaplain, Rev. Fr. John J. Ryan. President Quinlan announced the plans for the ensuing year and at once appointed a lecture committee to outline a course of meetings. Nine meetings were scheduled for the season and for every one it was arranged to have present a speaker of prominence either in clerical or lay life. In accordance with the plans of the committee meetings have been held as follows:

On November 8, Hon. Wm. T. A. Fitzgerald, Registrar of Deeds for Suffolk County, delivered an instructive lecture on property registration. On December 6, James P. Connolly, the well-known author of Sea Stories, gave an interesting recital of his experiences in Ireland during the late rebellion. On January 10, Rev. Fr. Wm. J. Farrell, former chaplain of the 103rd Field Artillery, addressed the members and recounted some of the momentous events of his service overseas. The Club was especially favored on February 14, when Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Murphy of St. John's Seminary lectured on his tours in the Holy Land. A large attendance at these meetings has gratified the Chaplain, to whose kindness the Club was indebted for constant approbation and hearty cooperation.

The social activities of the Club have confined themselves to two small dances, which were held in October and November in the Colonial Club. In addition to these informal dances the Club has held tes dances at the Newman House after the football games. These social gatherings have been the means of acquainting members with one another and of furnishing recreation for the members and their friends.

The Annual Ball will be held on Easter Monday evening, April 17, 1922, at the Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston. Preparations for this event are now being made and the present prospects point to success for this occasion.

The Annual Corporate Communion for all Catholics in Harvard University will take place on Sunday, May 1, 1922, in St. Paul's Church. After the Mass a breakfast will be served to which all Catholics are invited. Among the guests who will be present at the breakfast are Mr. James Byrne, Fellow of Harvard University Rev. Fr. J. J. Ryan, Professor J. D. M. Ford, Professor R. H. Lord, Professor L. J. A. Mercier. The Communion Breakfast Committee has made plans which it is expected will meet with usual success.

The membership of the Club has increased considerably during the past few months, and the treasury is on a sound financial basis; two matters to which special attention has been given. H. W. QUINLAN '23, President.