Accurate Passing and Finished Team Play of Visitors Prove Fatal to Crimson Twelve Which Loses 7-0--Schmidt, Corey and French Star

Showing the most finished passing and team-play seen on Soldiers Field this season, the Syracuse lacrosse team blanked the University 7 to 0 yesterday afternoon.

The visitors were clearly superior on both the attack and defence although the Crimson twelve showed a stubborn fight throughout the first half which limited the Orange team to three hard-earned scores.

Corey opened the scoring after several minutes of scrimmaging in the first half, slipping the ball past Pratt at close range with a short twist shot. French and Schmidt followed with goals in the order named at five minute intervals, both shots being caged from scrimmaging in front of the University goal. The play was evenly matched throughout the period with the ball see-sawing back and forth between the goals. But the visitors' defence broke up the University attack time and time again before it reached a scoring position.

Taking the ball as the opening whistle of the second half blew, Corey, the Syracuse first defence, went down almost single-handed and several seconds later caged the fourth Orange goal. From this time on the University attack seemed to fade and the visitors kept the ball in the Crimson territory most of the remaining time. Schmidt, French, and Peterson each scored on long shots from difficult angles.

The summary HARVARD  SYRACUSE Pratt, g.  g., MacAloney Tierney, Black, p.  p., Wertz, Winter Rouillard, c.p.  c.p., Fisher Lindsley, 1d.  1a., Lowry Wobber, 2d.  2a., Failing, Cole Kantor, Taber, 3d.  3a., Dickson, McCarthy Bragger, Welch, c.  c., Bertenshaw Treanor, Leavitt, 3a.  3d., Lydecker Daggett, Thomas, 2a.  2d., Schmidt, Peterson Martin, 1a.  1d., Corey Cole, Lomax, o.h.  i.h., Ross, Gwinn Young, i.h.  o.h., French

Score, Syracuse 7, Harvard 0. Goals, Corey 2, French 2, Schmidt 2, Peterson. Referee, Gustafson. Time, two 30-minute periods.