University Enters Contest at Hanover With Full Quota of Strength-Green Has Best Team in Years-Dartmouth Captain Intercollegiate Title-Holder

The University tennis will have its full strength when it faces Dartmouth at 2 o'clock this afternoon on the courts at Hanover, N. H., and from all appearances it will need that strength to overcome what is generally considered to be the strongest team that has represented the Green in many years. Dartmouth's record of four straight victories was broken with unexpected ease Wednesday afternoon when Yale defeated the New Hampshire college with the loss of but one of the six matches played.

When the individual members are considered the Green appears the more powerful, with Captain Sanders as the individual star. He won the New England intercollegiate championship last year and this year is playing a strong game, as is evidenced by the fact that on Wednesday, he secured Dartmouth's only point by defeating Captain Lucien Williams of Yale.

Howe, playing second singles for the Green, is noted for his steady and effective net-play. Paired with Sanders in the doubles he holds the present New England intercollegiate championship.

The University team has experienced a slight slump this week, but the vacation of the past two days has been the best possible preparation for today's match.

The line-ups follow:

Harvard.-Singles; (1) Duane, (2) Pfaffman, (3) Guild, (4) Bradley, Doubles; (1) Duane and Pfaffman, (2) Guild and Holmes.

Dartmouth.-Singles; (1) Sanders, (2) Howe, (3) Carleton, (4) Smith, Doubles; (1) Howe and Sanders, (2) Carleton and Smith.