With the passing of today's contest with Williams and the approach of the second and possibly the final game with Princeton, the University baseball season enters upon the second and most difficult stretch.

Sixteen games have been played to date and of these only two have been defeats. Holy Cross barely nosed out a victory over the Crimson by a 2-1 score on May 10 while a slump five days later gave the Springfield aggregation another 2-1 game. These have been the only defeats. To offset them the University team has marginal victories over Amherst. Bowdoin, Colgate, and Georgia Tech all of which have stood high on the list in collegiate baseball. To cap the early part of the season and to make up for the poor playing in the Springfield contest, the team staged a spectacular and well-played victory over Princeton Saturday. A fair idea of the team's record to date may be gathered from the comparison of the total number of runs made by the University and its opponents. One hundred and twenty-four tallies are credited to the Crimson, while only 17 runs have been may by its opponents.

Powerful Teams Yet to Come

Brown, Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Tufts and Yale are the only teams on the schedule which have not been met and all of them furnish a serious threat to Coach Slattery's squad. Besides these games Princeton and Holy Cross must be played again; and against the latter the University will make a desperate attempt for a comeback.

Though the Crimson had an easy time in defeating the Tigers in the first game of the series it is too much to expect that a team which held the New York Giants to an 8-7 win early in the season, will lose another contest without stiff opposition. Princeton has a somewhat eratic team which was not at its best on Saturday. At times the Tigers have exhibited a hitting streak which has surprised their opponents and a similar performance is probable this Saturday.

But a more serious threat is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30, and Thursday, June 1. On both those days the Crimson will meet the powerful Brown organization. After having beaten the Springfield team, which gained a 2-1 victory over the University, by the liberal score of 6-1, and after having defeated the powerful Amherst team by a 6-0 score, the Providence men gave way only to the Yale nine in a 6-4 defeat.

Pennsylvania Game June 3

The contest on June 3 will be a some-what easier matter, for the Pennsylvania team, though it has won some difficult games, has had an erratic season. An early game went to Princeton by a 4-3 score. A 13-2 conquest of Columbia came as a result of efficient playing for the Penn nine, which took advantage of every opportunity at the plate, on bases, and in the field. After a warm defeat at the hands of Swarthmore, the team again played in its best form when it shut out the Dartmouth team with four runs.

Dartmouth has had more victories but its season's record is also blurred by a few slumps. The victories include a 4-3 win over Princeton, and a triumph over the veteran Wesleyan combination. But the Holy Cross team found little difficulty in dispersing the Green 10-3.

One fairly easy game has been scheduled on June 17 in order to give the best of Coach Slattery's batting-men a rest before the Yale series. Tufts' record has not been brilliant, though the Modford nine easily defeated Vermont 5-1 and tied M. A. C. 13-13. The undefeated Georgetown nine easily disposed of them with an eight-run margin.

This year Yale has a heavy-hitting team which has met with varying success but several of the defeats are results of contests with teams which were scheduled as practice games early in the season. The Elis bowed to Fordham, Florida, Alabama, and New Haven at the start of the schedule, but came back with victories over the formidable Bowdoin and Amherst teams. The greatest indication of Yale's strength was seen in the 9-7 Holy Cross game which the Blue won by a rally in the ninth.