Total for University Now $651.50-College Proper Has Given 18 Percent of Its Quota-Campaign to be Continued Indefinitely

Up to a late hour last night $651.50 had been raised and tabulated in the University's Louvain Library drive. Of this amount $470.50 was collected in the College, representing 18 percent of its $2600 quota.

Under a new arrangement just announced, collectors may now turn in money at Leavitt and Peirce's and the Union as well as at the Crimson Building. The money should be enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the collector's name and the part of the University from which the collection comes.

At a recent meeting of the Executive Committee of the drive, it was decided to continue the collection indefinitely until the $5000 quota is raised. Although the showing to date with only 13 percent of the allotment obtained is much poorer than had been expected, the Committee feels that the goal originally set out for will be reached when every collector has finished his canvassing.

No returns have been received thus far from the Architectural, Dental, or Medical Schools. The remaining divisions of the University have turned in the following amounts: College, $470, 50; graduates outside of the University, $70; Business School, $41.50; Law School, $31.50; Divinity School, $17; Faculty, $11; Engineering School, $10.