Second Nine Will Go to Academy Grounds for Game Today-Freshmen Easily Defeated Schoolboys 8 to 1

With several minor shifts in the line-up and batting order, the Second University baseball team will journey to Concord this afternoon to face the Middlesex nine at 3.30. Coach Raymond will try Pratt in the catcher's box while Worthington will take up his old position at shortship, replacing Gorman.

On May 15 the Freshman nine had little difficulty in downing the schoolboys by the score of 8 to 1. A number of errors, coupled with rather sluggish infield work, were responsible for the large score. The weak pitching staff of the Concord team was another factor in the yearling victory, for none of the three men whom Coach Winsor sent to the box were able to stop the Crimson attack.

Upton at first base is the star fielder of the nine and also shares the batting honors with Pollard. Slayton is another heavy-hitter who may cause Spalding some trouble. In the first Groton game he slammed out a two-base hit and two singles out of three trips to the plate, while he pounded out another double in the second game of the series.

The line-ups:

Seconds,-Ross, 3b.? Kerr, l.f.; Cooper c.f.; Norris, 1b.; Lucas, r.f.; Bullard, 2b.; Worthington, s.s.; Pratt, c.; Young or Brown, p.

Middlesex.-Knowlton, 2b.; Upton, 1b.; Howard, s.s.; Pollard, c.f.; Allen, l.f.; Slayton, 3b.; Thompson, c.; Bailey, r.f.; Barnum, p.