War Department's Plans Provide For Red, White, and Blue Camps in First Corps Area-Experience Will Not Be Necessary

Camp Devens has been selected again this year by the government as the site for the annual Citizens' Military Training Camp for the First Corps Area, which includes the entire New England section. Men intending to be present at this camp, which will extend throughout August, must file their applications with their local representative by next Wednesday May 31.

Three Types of Camps

The plans as announced by the War Department provide for a Red a white, and a Blue Camp. The Red Camp is the fundamental course provided for those men who have had no previous military training. The second course, or the White Camp, is arranged for graduates of the Red Course and other young men, with military training equivalent to that given in the latter course, who wise to secure advanced military training with a view to being appointed as non-commissioned officers in the Reserves. The Blue course is for graduates of the preceding course, members of the regular army, National Cuard, Organized Reserves, and other men, with military experience equivalent to that given in the White course, who desire and who are qualified to seck appointment in the Organized Reserves of the army.

Age Limit for Men at Camps

All applicats for the Red and Blue Camps must be between 19 and 27 years of age. The physical examination of the latter camp is somewhat more rigid than that of the former camp. The age limit of the White Camp is from 17 to 26 and the physical requirements are the same as for the Blue. Several exceptions, however, have been made to the above qualifications. Graduates of the 1921 Red Camp will not be barred from attendance at either of the other camps on account of age. Also those qualified applicants who desired to enter the 1921 Red Camp and could not be accepted due to the lack of sufficient appropriation have been placed upon a preferred list and will be given first consideration for attendance at this year's Red Camp