Seniors Must Supply Caterers With Yard Tickets--No Vehicles Will be Allowed in Yard After Noon

Further instructions as to Spreads on Class Day both in the Yard and in Dormitories have been issued by the Class Day Committee. The new instructions concern the rules for caterers and the special Parietal Regulations for Class Day.

Seniors who are planning to have their Spread in the Yard must supply their caterers with Yard tickets. They must also instruct the caterers that no vehicles will be allowed in the Yard after noon and that from them on all food must be brought in on foot. After 2 o'clock no caterers will be allowed to enter or leave the Yard carrying ice cream cans pots, baskets, or boxes of any kind.

Those Seniors who are planning to have a Spread in one of the dormitories should, if they have not done so already, apply immediately to the College janitor for the use of their rooms. Seniors are warned tht they are held responsible for the observance of all Parietal Regulations in regard to Class Day.