Smith and J. A. Reed Excel for Crimson While Janes Stars for Opponents--1926 Shows an Improved, Faster Game With Better Team Play

Displaying a fast scoring attack, the Freshman basketball team defeated the Boston Y. M. C. A. five by a score of 24-16 last night at the Freshman Athletic Building.

Neither team succeeded in penetrating the other's defence for several minutes after the first whistle, but soon J. A. Reed, Jones, Smith and Combs broke through into the Boston territory. Better cut-in passing than was shown in the Tilton game, and short shots at the basket turned nearly every opportunity into a score. J. A. Reed made two baskets and Jones and Smith one each while the steady work of A. E. Reed, and Combs at guards held the Boston attack to two scattered baskets. The Boston forwards showed slowness and inaccuracy in their attempts at the basket. Combs scored on a long throw and Smith shot a foul, making the score at the end of the first half Harvard '26, 11; Boston Y. M. C. A. 5.

The beginning of the second half found Rauh in at center in place of J. A. Reed of the Freshman team. The Boston five started in with a fast attack, when Simonds, substituting for Cohen, and Captain Janes broke through, each shooting a basket. Janes shot three fouls while Cox shot a basket and two fouls. Meanwhile, however, the Freshman attack was beginning to tell. Endicott and Reed in turn replaced Rauh at center. Smith and Jones broke through and the former, with short accurate shooting, caged the ball six times from the floor and threw one foul, making the Freshman score 24 to Boston's 16.

The summary: HARVARD '26  BOSTON Y. M. C. A. Jones, r.f.  l.g., Rogers Smith, l.f. r.g.,  Kolgian, Benson, Cohen J. A. Reed, Rauh, Endicott, c.  c., Cox Combs, r.g.  l.f., Janes A. E. Reed, l.g.  r.f., Cohen, Simonds

Score, Harvard 1926 24, Boston Y. M. C. A. 16. Goals from floor, Smith 7, J. A. Reed 2, Jones, Combs, Rogers, Cohen, Cox, Janes, Simonds. Goals from fouls, Janes 3, Cox 3, Smith 2. Referee, W. F. Cody. Timekeeper, E. H. Cutler '25. Scorer, E. L. Hunt '25. Time of halves, 20 minutes.