University Also Announces Promotions in Medical Faculty--Present Board of Preachers Retained Unchanged--Four Scholarships Awarded

Several appointments and promotions in the Medical School faculty were announced yesterday as well as the new Board of Preachers for 1923-24 and various scholarship awards.

Dr. Hans Zinsser of New York, professor of bacteriology at Columbia University and bacteriologist of the Presbyterian Hospital, is to join the staff next autumn as professor of bacteriology and immunology. He served with the Red Cross expedition to Serbia in 1915 and during the war was a colonel in the Medical Corps, A. E. F. The other new appointment is that of Dr. Francis Howard Lahey of Boston as professor of clinical surgery.

Promotions in the Faculty of Medicine include that of Dr. Charles Allen Porter '88, to the Homans professorship of clinical surgery; of Dr. David Cheever' 97, to an associate professorship of surgery; and of Dr. Howard A. Lothrop '87, to the position of acting professor of clinical surgery, to serve for the remainder of the present year.

Board of Preachers Remains Intact

The Board of Preachers for the year 1923-24, just appointed, is identical in membership with this year's board. Dr. Edward C. Moore is to continue as chairman ex-officio. The other members will be the Rt. Rev. Charles H. Brent, Episcopal Bishop of Western New York and an Overseer of Harvard; Rev. Paul Revere Frothingham of Boston, another Overseer; Bishop Coadjutor Charles L. Slattery '91 of Massachusetts; Rev. Professor Theodore Gerald Soares of the University of Chicago; and Dean Willard L. Sperry of the Theological School.


The Shelton Hale Scholarship at the Law School, awarded annually to a first-year student, goes this year to Samuel Becker of Milwaukee, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1922. In the School of Education, Thomas Eliot Benner '14, of Montgomery, Alabama, now on leave of absence from the Alabama State Board of Education, has been awarded an Austin Scholarship for Teachers; and Faculty Scholarships have been assigned to Forrest Edwin Long of Fulton, Missouri; Gilbert H. Smith of Norman, Oklahoma; and Mary M. Wentworth of Los Angeles, California.