Superior Steadiness of Invaders Defeats Late University Spurt--Four-Man Offensive Used by Crimson

Smashing through the Crimson defence in the last minutes of play for a two-point lead the Connecticut Agricultural College five defeated the University players 39-37 last night in the Hemenway Gymnasium.

The game was hotly contested from the start with little scoring through the greater part of the opening period, play being confined to fast floorwork and short passing. Most of the University's scoring during the half was done by a four man offence working the ball down the floor with Captain Gordon acting as pivot of the offence.

Captain Alexander was the outstanding star and high scorer of the game, caging four baskets for the Aggies from the floor and 13 points on free tries. His floor work in recovering the ball was one of the features of the game. The Crimson quintet lead at half-time 18-15.

Brilliant Attack In Second Half

Coach Wachter's five opened up the second period with a brilliant attack in which Lowenthal, scoring three long shots, showed some of the best basketball that has been seen in the Hemenway this season. Early in the period McLeish, who has been out of the last three contests with injuries replaced Samborski in the backfield and broke a tie score with a basket and a shot from the foul line. The score wavered during the remainder of the game until the steadiness of the veteran Connecticut men and their ability to break up the University passing game enabled them to keep down a Crimson rally in the closing minutes of play.


The summary: HARVARD  CONN. AGRIC. Gordon, l.f.  r.g., Baylock Lowenthal, r.f.  l.g., Lord Miller, Sipp, c.  c., Makofski Samborski, McLeish, l.g.  r.f., Krasow Black, r.g.  l.f. Alexander

Score, Conn, Agric, 39, University 37. Baskets from floor, Alexander 4, Makofski 4, Krasow 3, Baylock 2, Lowenthal 7, Gordon 6, Miller, McLeish, Samborski. Goals on free tries, Alexander 13, Gordon 2, Lowenthal 2, McLeish. Referee, Mullin. Umpire, Macdonald. Time, 20-minute halves.