Downs Tufts Yearlings in Last Two Minutes of Play-Smith High Scorer With Three Goals From Floor and Seven Free Tries

Two baskets by Smith in the final two minutes of play won a game for the yealing team from the Tufts Freshmen last night at the Goddard gymnasium in Medford. At the end of the first half the score was 12-7 in favor of the visitors, but the Tufts team aided by excellent shooting of fouls by Captain Dowson, knotted the count at 17-17 and again at 19-19 only to be beaten 23-19 by Smith's two goals from the floor.

Captain Jones and Combs each scored two baskets for the Freshmen, but Smith was the high scorer, with three goals from the floor and seven out of 12 free tries to his credit.

The summary: HARVARD '26  TUFTS '26 Jones, (capt.), r.t.  l.g., Folsom Smith l.f.  r.g. Dowson (capt.) Rauh, Endicott, c.  c. Sessions. Crosby Combs, r.g.  l.f. Schenfield Reed, Alwater, l.g.  r.f., Woodrow, Robinson

Score, Harvard 26, 23: Tufts '26, 18. Goals from floor, Smith 3, Combs 2. Jones 2. Endicott, Schenfield 2, Dowson. Woodrow, Goals from free throws. Smith I. Dowson 11. Referee, Mahan. Time, one 20-minute and two 10-minute periods.