Improvement in Team Work Brings Victory to Crimson Skaters-Palmer and Bohlen Star for University-Game Played at Charlesbank Rinks

Showing an appreciable Improvement in team work which was largely responsible for the victory, the University and second hockey team won from Noble and Greenough by a 4-2 score at the Charlesbank Rinks yesterday afternoon.

The contest was marked by very little shooting except in the last period when the visitors goal guard was subjected to a fusilade of shots which netted two scores. Captain Palmer and Bohlen did all the scoring for the seconds; and the latter's frequent sprints up the ice were features of an otherwise rather uninteresting game.

Palmer's initial score came in the first period as the result of a short pass from Reid in front of the goal while at the beginning of the second session the same man essayed a long shot from the left wing which eluded Flood in the net. Shortly after that, Spalding snapped the puck out of a melee in front of the goal for the visitors' first score.

Whittemore evened the count directly after the whistle blew for the third period, only to have the yearlings lead again when Bohlen caged two goals in succession. For the first, he took a pass from center, while the last was a long shot from the middle of the rink.

The summary: SECONDS  NOBLE AND GREENOUGH Palmer, Whittall, l.w.  r.w., Whittemore Reid, c.  c. Wright Peirson, Lounderbach, r.w.  l.w., Spalding Bohlen, l.d.  r.d., Partridge, Dunlop Nichols, r.d.  l.d., Walsh, Sommers Dole, g.  g., Flood


Score, Harvard seconds 4. Noble and Greenough 2. Goals, by Palmer 2, Bohlen 2, Spalding, Whittemore, Refereo, Guild, Time, three ten-minute periods.