Coach Claflin's Men Show Alertness on Defense, Preventing M. I. T. From Scoring Several Times

The University hockey team last night scored a 10 to 0 victory over M. I. T. at the Arena in a game in which the superiority of Coach Claflin's men was never in doubt. The Crimson forwards kept the puck constantly in the Engineers' territory, and only good work on the part of goal-guard Nickle, whose play was outstanding, prevented the score from being still higher. During the entire contest, the M. I. T. forwards had not more than three or four opportunities to score, and alertness on the part of the Crimson defense prevented any of these from materializing.

The University sextet took the lead shortly after the opening of the first period, when Captain Owen carried the puck the length of the rink and snapped it past Hinkle for the initial score. Hill scored a few minutes later on a pass from behind the goal by Walker, and Crosby followed this with a pretty shot from left wing.

The second period found the Crimson skaters playing some of the best hockey they have shown this year. Crosby opened the scoring with a beautiful shot from left wing. Beals then took the puck from behind the University goal, skated completely around the M. I. T. defense and scored from the left lane. This tally was followed almost immediately by scores by Crosby and Guild, both of them resulting from pretty individual work. A few minutes later, Crosby made the final tally of the period by a pretty bit of stick-work.

The final session produced two more goals for the Crimson stickmen, one by Walker on a pass from Beals, the other by Guild, who completely outwitted the Engineers' defense and poked the puck into the net. His work and that of Crosby were the outstanding features of the Crimson play.

The summary: HARVARD  M. I. T. Walker, Austin, l.w.  r.w., Peene, McPherson Beals, Guild, c.  c., Dalton Hill, Cabot, Beals, r.w.  l.w., Hayden Crosby, Hammond, l.d.  r.d., McPhee, Massey Owen, Chase, Grores, r.d.  l.d., Moulton, Taylor Bigelow, g.  g., Nickle


Score, Harvard 10, M. I. T. O. Goals, by Beals, Crosby 4, Guild 2, Hill, Owen, Walker. Referees, Sands and Stewart. Time, three 15-minute periods.