Abusing Borah


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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

When a gentleman like Mr. Borah is grossly abused, there is, in barbarous countries, a single remedy. The abuser may be answered. In civilized lands, where the duello is tolerated, a second course is available. Our benighted America, however, must get along with the first.

I do not love the bloody Bolshevik--damn him by all means. I do not love the turbid Teuton--he was caught starting a war, and it is right that France, the sinless nation, should cast the first stone. But still less do I love that intolerance in our own political thought which makes us unable to contradict a gentleman, Senator though he be, without foamings at the mouth and manifestings of his (the Senator's) inner vileness to the sun. HEBARD PAINE '25. January 25, 1923.