Discusses Subsidized Athlete Question in Detail--Deplores Waste Among Managerial Competitions

In his annual report to the President of the University; Dean L. B. R. Briggs '75, Chairman of the Athletic Committee, gives a general review of the principal activities of the committee during the past year. He analyses carefully several of the difficult problems which have attracted the committee's attention, dwelling particularly on the question of professionalism among athletes and managerial competitions.

The text of the report follows:

"I have the honor of submitting to you a report in behalf of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports for the academic year 1921-22.

Besides the Chairman, the members from the Faculty were:

Professr Chester Noyes Greenough, Dean of Harvard College.


Dr. Roger Irving Lee, Professor of Hygiene.

The graduate members were:

Henry Pennypacker '88, Chairman of the Committee on Admission, appointed as a non-Faculty member and retained after he had joined the Faculty.

Hon. Benjamin Loring Young '07.

Henry Hardwick Faxon '21.

The undergraduate members were:

Richmond Keith Kane '22.

George Owen Jr. '23.

Arthur Edmund McLeich Jr. '23.

Dr. Edward Hall Nichols '86, for many years surgeon to the football team, died shortly before the end of the academic year. In his undergraduate days he was a remarkable baseball player--pitcher, catcher, or center fielder, as the case might be. In his Junior year he was the regular pitcher of Colonel Winsiow's famous team, winning all his games, helding his opponents to an extraordinarily small number of hits, and leading his team at the bat with an almost unheard of average in base hits and in total bases. His unceasing love of the game end of the college kept him for years as an unpaid coach in baseball.

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