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At meetings of the Conservative and Progressive Clubs of the Harvard Debating Union held last evening in Randolph Breakfast Room, the members of the two wings were definitely enrolled as follows:

Conservative--L. J. Abbot '24, J. O. Bangs '25, R. F. Bradford '23, A. B. Davis '24, Harrison Dibblee Jr. '24, Hamilton Eames '25, Harry Eiridge '24, J. U. Harris '24, B. McK, Henry '24, F. W. LaFarge '25, Oliver La Farge '24, H. C. Lodge Jr. '24, Charlton MacVeagh '24, E. K. Merrill '24, J. C. Newcomb '24, W. I. Nichols '26, Raoul Pantaleoni '24, Boies Penrose 2d '25, E. St. R. Reynal '24, A. D. Welton Jr. 1L.

Progressive--J. M. Begg '24, A. D. Black '23, R. S. Bowers '24, F. G. Cleveland '25, G. Cowles '25, J. D. DuBois '24, R. S. Fanning '23, J. H. Finley '25, R. H. Field '26, Corliss Lamont '24, T. G. Littell '24, F. S. Pollak '23, E. F. Porter '24, A. Mackay-Smith '24, R. L. Morehouse '24, J. M. Roots '25, L. Rose '23, F. A. O. Schwarz '24, J. L. Swayze '25, M. H. Thiessen '25, Philip Walker '25, E. G. Wesson '25, P. E. Wilson '23.

The Executive Committee for the Conservative Club consists of: H. C. Lodge Jr. '24, Charlton MacVeagh '24, and Raoul Pantaleoni '24. Of the Progressive Club: Corliss Lamont '24, F. A. O. Schwarz '24, and E. G. Wesson '25. The two committees together comprise the executive committee of the Harvard Debating Union.

Clubs Definitely Organized

After the meeting of the Conservative Club held at 7.15 yesterday evening it was announced that the Conservative Club is a definite organization, which new, members can join only through election. The Progressive Club stated, after its meeting at 9 o'clock that it is definitely organized; that new members must be elected by the vote of the club as it is now constituted; and that certain rules governing membership and procedure had been passed.

The executive committee of the Harvard Debating Union which met later in the evening, decided that the next debate would be held on Thursday evening, January 18. The question is the Jones Ship Subsidy, a bill now before Congress. The Conservatives will uphold the passage of the bill, and the Progressives will op- pose it. After much discussion, it was decided to try a new method of voting. The vote of the meeting will be taken twice--once before and again after the debate. The second vote will be conclusive. The purpose is to discover how much opinions on the subject have been swayed by the arguments of the speakers. Changes also were made in the method of speaking. It was decided that within certain limits, the speaker may be questioned while on the floor, and that after the four prepared speakers have talked, the question will be thrown open for general discussion by the audience and by the clubs, the recognition of speakers to be at the discretion of the chairman. It is expected in this connection that at the end of the debate the floor leaders of the two clubs will summarize the arguments presented by their respective sides

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