Two Weeks' Conditioning Concluded with Scrimmage for Entire Squad--Search for Capable Substitutes Still on

Having ended the two weeks of conditioning practice on Saturday with an hour long scrimmage for all 56 members of the squad, Coach Fisher will start pointing the eleven today toward the opening encounter with Rhode Island State on Saturday. Today will see Coach Knox's blackshirts in the Stadium for the first time, but before the week's drill is over the structure will hold no novelty for the scrubs who are to get a full dose of football before the week is out.

The past two weeks' practice has brought out several facts in regard to the outlook for the season. Coach fisher has already one of the most powerful first-string lines seen at Harvard in several years and the chances look good for the discovery of a first-string backfield combination which can approximate the line in excellence, yet there the happy outlook ends abruptly, Substitutes, will grounded in ability and experience, are painfully lacking. Either they must be developed or the first-string line-up must be brought through to the end of the season intact. And the latter task requires not only a large element of luck but also judgment to an extraordinary degree.

Many Close Games Ahead

The Holy Cross, Tufts, and Dartmouth games are certain to be hard and close, and it is questionable whether the first eleven can be used as much as is necessary in these games and yet come through physically fit to face Princeton and then Yale through four long quarters. The situation confronts the coaches with a perplexing problem.

Captain Hubbard and perhaps Eastman of the forward line alone seem probable to go through the season without injury. Grew was on crutches during the important game last season and Dunker was well used up before the season closed. Either may be out before the Tiger and Bulldog encounters. Kernan is more than ordinarily brittle and injury may dog his trail at any time. The problem arises as to who shall fill their places in even of casualties. Could Davenport and Littlefield flanked by Hobson and R. S. Hubbard be substituted in the center of the line and still preserve its present strength?


Coach Fisher is "certain to spend a great deal of time on the team B men in the next few week and only at the end of that time will it bed possible to judge how strong the Crimson's threat in November will be. Injuries in even slightly more than normal numbers might ruin what promises to be an extraordinary eleven.