Definite Arrangement of Crews to be Determined by Frequent Shifting of Combinations During Next 3 Days

Coach E. A. Stevens chose on Saturday the four crews that will constitute the University squad during the fall rowing season. These crews, together with the class and experienced Freshman crews, will begin work on the Charles this afternoon.

Coach Stevens reiterated the statement that these crews have been put together without regard to their letter, with the exception of Crew D, which is composed of those members of last year's Freshman crew that are available this fall. These men have been retained as a unit to give the coaches an opportunity of looking them over to the best advantage. These combinations will be shifted throughout the week to give all the strokes a chance to show their wares. The next cut and definite arrangement of the crews will be within a week, Coach Stevens decided late last night. At that time he also determined to retain three men, B. R. Wiesman '25, W. A. Coolidge '24, and J. R. Hoover '24, on the University squad. Wiesman and Coolidge will row in a pair oared shell today and Hoover will be placed on one of the four crews as soon as he has recovered from a slight illness.

The work-out today will constitute short rows under the supervision of Stevens, who will devote considerable time to instructing the coxes to watch the men and the oar blades in order to determine their faults.

Enthusiasm Pleases Stevens

Coach Stevens has been much impressed by the enthusiasm and initiative shown in even these early stages of his work as coach. Intelligent reception of instructions makes appreciably easier the difficult task of completely restabilizing the University rowing system. The four University crews are:


Crew A.--Bow, J. W. Lund '26; 2, H. G. Curran '25; 3, W. J. Milde '25; 4, P. F. Pong '25; 5, Moorfield Story '26; 6, J. de W. Blosser '26; 7, R. M. P. Kennard '26; stroke, Seabury Cook '25; cox., A. M. Carrillo '26.

Crew B.--Bow, W. L. Boyden '25; 2, B. F. Rice-Bassett '25; 3, T. L. Eliot '25; 4, Samuel Reber '25; 5, M. W. McGreevey '24; 6. Walter Raymond '26; 7, A. B. Cassedy '25; stroke, G. S. Mumford '25; cox., E. N. Carson '24.

Crew C.--Bow, S. B. Kelley '25; 2. J. D. Jameson '24; 3, C. H. Hoolister Jr. '24; 4, H. M. Bohlen '25; 5, S. R. Johnson '25; 6, R. C. Storey '24; 7, Captain B. McK. Henry '24; stroke, S. N. Brown '24; cox., B. H. Burnham '24.

Crew D.--Bow, G. D. Krumbaar '26; 2, F. E. Weymer '26; 3, C. F. Darlington '26; 4, C. O. D. Iselin '26; 5, R. C. Gates '26; 6, Robert Winthrop '26; 7, R. K. Fox '26; stroke, Elisha Canning Jr. '26; cox., W. F. Beer '26.