Coach Fisher's Men, With Extra Down, Fail to Score With Ball on One and a Half Yard Mark

The feature of yesterday's scrimmage came late in the afternoon, when the scrubs, holding the University team at bay on the one and a half yard line, gave the regulars a five yard set back after they had been given an extra down to push the ball over, Coach Fisher's men succeeded in scoring but one touchdown and one field goal in the scrimmage, which lasted over an hour. The second team showed fight all afternoon, playing particularly well on the defensive.

The ball was kept in the scrubs territory amost continuiously, but getting past the second's 20 yard line was a real feat. On two occasions the first team passed the 15 yard mark, only to be held for downs. On the first occasion, Moseley dropped back and kicked a field goal. On the second, with four downs to go, the first team succeeded in making only 5 yards in four downs.

Akers started at quarterback with Howe, Cheek, and Jenkins making up the backfield. The line was weakened by the absence of Grew and Hubbard who participated in signal practice but did not take part in the scrimmages. Their absence was largely responsible for the second's success yesterday. Hill and Evans started as ends, Dunker and Eastman were the opening tackles, while Daniell and C. Bradford started the scrimmage in the guard positions. Greenough was Coach Fisher's choice for center.

On the kick-off, the regulars received, and after they failed to gain through the line, Jenkins kicked. A few moments later the scrubs tried a forward pass, which Greenough intercepted. Now, close to the scrub's goal, the first team pushed forward, and Hammond, who substituted in the backfield, crossed the line.

Just before the close of the scrimmage, the first string men had the ball on the 50 yard line, and with Maher, Cordingley, and Robb in the backfield, they forced their way down the field to within one and a half yards of the scrub's goal, where the ball was lost on downs. It was at this point that the scrubs threw their opponents for a five yard loss, after conceding another down to the University in order to see if they could score.