More Riotous Thoughts

To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

With due respect to the two individuals whose letters you published last Thursday, I must tell you that their lunge at our good old drinking-song was absolutely the silliest drivel I have ever heard.

The first writer gave us nothing but a little legal pedantry, such as gentlemen of his profession are accustomed to impose upon the long suffering subjects of this domain; and the second improved the farce of the thing by taking No. 1 seriously, and by explaining to him in the sweetest tones that it was not we who sang "Johnny Harvard" at the Harvard-Oxford debate, but a parcel of knaves who must not be counted among the members of our righteous Student Body. Whether we sang it or whether we did not sing it, the spirit of "Johnny Harvard" is in our hearts, and none but the veriest hypocrite will try to h'ss down.

"Jehrny Harvard" is one of those songs which sing themselves. When they begin to leave us, it will be time to hang our harps upon the willows and to lament our captivity.

I have clipped out that absurd dialogue and sent it to a friend of mine at Baliot All England should enjoy a loud laugh at our expense. They are the wittiest race on earth, and Johnny Harvard was of them. Fill him up a glass. WALTER CLINE '26.